Elle Homme T-Shirt Winners

Thank you everyone for taking part in our Elle Homme giveaway! And congratulations to all the winners! The prize collection procedure and the winners’ names are as below: Prize collection: 1) The winner will send us a private message on our Facebook Page. We will reply with a link to a form. Complete the form.…

Pocket Racers GT

Pocket Racers GT is a free-to-play mobile racing game. The basic gameplay is modeled after the popular Japanese track racing cars Tamiya, running on channeled tracks. Exactly everything you would do in real life for track racing car games you do it on Pocket Racers GT. Want to turn faster at corners? Install a bigger…


A mash-up of whimsical graphics, simple yet addictive game-play and catchy music, Discoin is perfect for players across all ages. Are you ready to feel the groove and bust a move? It’s Discoin Fever Time! Discoin is a puzzle game with lively disco music and dance. Download: https://playtoken.com/game/detail/discoin-64

Battle Spheres

Travel the world! Defeat your opponents! Collect legendary “Battle Spheres” and assemble the greatest Arena team that the world has ever seen! Download: https://playtoken.com/game/detail/battle-spheres-68